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V Saint John’s Charity Ball

2nd of July 2022


In 2018 we celebrated the IV Saint John’s Charity Ball and collected a record amount of donations. These were used to support the Order of Malta’s Hungarian and international summer camps for handicapped youth.


After a long-imposed break, we are looking forward to seeing you again as our guests on July 2, 2022. Tickets are sold out, thus the purchase of additional tickets is now unfortunately not possible, but if you would like to join the Saint John’s Charity Ball Supporters’ Circle, we still accept your donations. Please don’t forget to register!


Please consider supporting our fund-raising goals. Embrace the Order of Malta spirit and donate to our charitable causes. Please read about our programs and how we help!


To encourage donations from individuals, we established this year the Saint John’s Charity Ball Supporters’ Circle. Your donations will give even more children with disabilities the opportunity to attend the International Maltese Summer Camp and will enable the launch of interactive and digital educational programs at five disadvantaged elementary schools. Corporate donations are also welcome.


We wish to warmly thank our guests and donors for their support!


As Father Imre Kozma says:

“Every donation will make a good impact. Yours too.”

Programs throughout the Weekend


July 1, 2022

7 pm – 9 pm –
Tour and Toast at the
Hungarian National Museum
1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16.


July 2, 2022

1 pm – 3 pm –
Lunch at Gundel Restaurant
(at your expense)
1146 Budapest, Gundel Károly út 4.
7 pm – 2 pm –
V Saint John’s Charity Ball
at the Pesti Vigadó
1051 Budapest,  Vigadó tér 2.
2 am – 4 am –
After Party and DJ at the
VigVarjú Restaurant,
Ground Floor, Pesti Vigadó
1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 2.


July 3, 2022

10 am – 11 am –
Mass at Matthias Church
1014 Budapest, Szentháromság tér 2.
11:30 am – 2 pm –
Brunch at the  Headquarters of the Hungarian Association of the Order of Malta
1014 Budapest, Fortuna u. 10.

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Corporate Sponsors of the V Saint John's Charity Ball

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silver sponsor

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Donation Game and Event Sponsors of the V Saint John's Charity Ball

V. Szent János Jótékonysági Bál Támogatói Kör

diamond supporter

István & Klára Felsőbüki-Nagy

gold supporter

Mária Fazekas-Schnepel
Reinhold Heinrich Claas
Jankovich de Jeszenice Family

silver supporter

Dénes & Jeanette Ghyczy
Georgina Barbara Piazza-Georgi
Jacqueline Truesdale
Reinhard & Eva Czichy

bronze supporter

Attila Balogh
Eva Porras de Oriol
Ferenc & Johanna Kis-Szölgyémi
Francois Melchior de Demandolx
János Csák
János Gudenus
János Wettstein
Kornél Fábry
Liane Czirják
György & Rahel Kékessy
Sándor & Mechthild Mohácsi
Stephan & Paula von Habsburg
Szabolcs Szemerey


Albert Biró
Arun Gregor & Pauline Roy-Chowdhury
Csanád & Barbara Beöthy
Isabella Longoni
Judith Bárány
Judit Hendricks-Sebesy
Lajos Okolicsányi
László Dőry
László Németh
Marie Ludewigs
Márk & Elisabeth Sándor
Richard & Lydia Skene
Stefanie Hegyeshalmi-Halászy
Stefano & Orsolya Longoni
Vilmos & Erzsébet Pongrácz
William Clothier

Dear Visitor! Please note that tickets to the V Saint John’s Charity Ball have been sold out. Should you still be interested in joining the waiting list to buy a ticket, please get in touch with us via our contact form. Thank you for your understanding!

Dear Ball Supporter,

Thanks to your attendance and support, the V Saint John’s Charity Ball was a wonderful success! Tickets were sold out well in advance.

To provide additional donations for our supported programs, you may still do so via this website or contact us.

If you are a registered guest or supporter of the Ball, we will soon be communicating our appreciation directly.

Sincerely yours,
The Ball Committee